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Tuning for Wind Instruments Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Band Directors – are you struggling with intonation with your bands? Do you have limited knowledge of the tuning idiosyncrasies of certain instruments? Have you been looking for a resource to help fine-tune your ensembles? Do you know what a “flarp” is?

Look no more! The most complete intonation resource for band directors has just come off the press, and should be in every band directors library! It is called Tuning for Wind Instruments – A Roadmap to Successful Intonation by Shelley Jagow. It contains everything a music educator requires to approach fine-tuning intonation with their ensemble:

Tuning for Wind Instruments-Extensively researched, color-coded fingering charts for every instrument
-Alternate fingerings for better intonation on all instruments
-Individual instrument pitch tendencies
-The best tuning notes for each instrument
-How to properly tune brass slides
-14 steps for Tuning Chords
-Calculate the proper harmonic ratio for fine-tuning chords
-Learn the origin of our pitch tuning standard
-Understand when to apply equal tempered vs just tempered tuning
-Improve your knowledge with over 70 tuning truths and myths

And find out that “flarp” is slang for a pitch tendency that can be either sharp or flat, or so out-of-tune it is difficult to tell what the pitch direction is!

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