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Make Music Day 2019 21 June, 2019

OrchestraOn June 21st over 1,000 cities in more than 120 countries will be celebrating Make Music Day from sunup to sundown. This all day festival welcomes everybody to make music anywhere! Play outside or on social media, just MAKE MUSIC!

France started Fête De La Musique in 1982 to celebrate free and live music everywhere with everyone. Translated, Fête De La Musique means both “festival of music” and “make music!” Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, was chosen for the new holiday. Make Music Day has grown in such popularity that it shuts down the streets in France so musicians may take over!

Make Music Day can be organized as a small back yard concert or as a national event. The NAMM Foundation took up the US sponsorship of Make Music Day. They have resources for those who want to host an event. You can even join their Make Music Alliance to get assistance in promotion, sponsorship, and tech support – visit if you want to know more.

This is Stanton’s Sheet Music’s third year participating in Make Music Day. Each year, we leave our recital hall open to those who would like to make music. This year, we are featuring some of our very own Sheet Music Specialists as our featured musicians. Catch any of our performances on our Facebook page!

If you participate from home, consider sharing your performance on social media and giving us a shout out! Feel free to tag us and use these hashtags to reach more people!

#makethemostmusic #MakeMusicDay

Drum Line

Six Resources to Protect Your Hearing in Rehearsal 18 July, 2018

Wearing ear plugs is something few performing musicians do. We worry about communication and our effectiveness in playing, so we tend to forgo the plugs – but AFTER experiencing hearing loss is not the time to start worrying about protection. Here are some educational resources to help you protect one of your most valuable musical assets – your hearing!

New Year, New Look! 18 June, 2018

new-year-new-lookNotice anything different about us?

We’ve launched our newly redesigned website for musicians and educators to compare all music options, organize titles for personal and professional use, and share their passion for musical expression. The new website is designed to improve your search results and reduce research stress.

“We’ve been working on this website for three years now. The features we are most excited for are the advanced search bar and music-specific filters that offer you more opportunities to find sheet music that fits your educational or performance goals,” said David Ginter, technical manager.

Our search bar is optimized for music specific searches. You can search by instrument, voicing, keyword, full title, composer, artist, arranger, series, or catalog number. However, remember – less is more. If you want to be even more specific, click on our advanced search and type in as much information as you have.

CaptureIf you still have too many results after hitting enter, click on the photo to the left to reveal the filter! All you’ll have to do is chose the tab you want and it will grow to show you how every item is grouped. Say you searched the word “Star,” but you only want to see SAB music – the voicing tab will tell you how many SAB selections are in this search.

We are also introducing new Social Media and Reprise pages. These pages archive our social and email announcements to allow our non-social media users access to our news and product recommendation. You can check in with the Social Media page for a weekly snapshot of what’s happening at Stanton’s and easily follow us without ever logging in.

You can stop scrolling back months at time to find that email with that title you can’t remember the name of, but you know would be perfect! Visit our Reprise page and only look through our emails without any distractions.

“The website is a resource where music directors can easily see, listen, and learn new products that best fit their ensemble needs. What we’ve created is a large music library database. With that database we can help directors and musicians compare ideas, organize their selections, and share with their ensemble and the audiences they reach,” says President, Eric Strouse.

Music Major Graduation Gifts – Instrumentalists 08 May, 2017

The world of a musician or collegiate music major is often foreign and strange to those outside of the profession. Parents, family and friends are often at a loss as to what graduation gifts might be most useful to high school graduates who plan to major in music, or college graduates pursuing music as a profession. The members of our knowledgeable staff at Stanton’s have all been in their shoes, and we recommend these gifts (in a variety of price ranges) that WE could have used when we graduated!

For HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES becoming instrumental music majors:

ecs-4469-fThe A to Z of Foreign Musical Terms by Christine Ammer, $10.75
The more advanced a student becomes, the more often they will be using upper level music that is often published overseas. While standard music terms can be found in a traditional music dictionary, some instructions and descriptions will be written in the composers’ native languages. This resource lists the terms most commonly found in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Latin and Portuguese scores.

The Musician’s Practice Planner, $9.99
Students are often a little shocked when they find out that they will be spending much more time in the practice room than they did in high school (most collegiate teachers expect at least 3 hours/day), and staying organized is key. This easy-to-use 8 “x 11” spiral-bound book has two full pages devoted to each lesson. Designed to make lessons more enjoyable and efficient, it is used as an assignment book by teachers and as a practice log by students.

Trying to check items off your instrumental studio list? Stanton’s carries a full line of standard method books, etude books and solo repertoire! Visit or give us a call – we’re sure we can help you find what you need! Oh, and don’t forget – Music Majors get a 10% Discount off most methods, etude books, and solos!!!

51Ek7jNuxpL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Bach, Beethoven and the Boys: Music History As It Ought To Be Taught, $17.95
If It Ain’t Baroque…More Music History As It Ought To Be Taught, $15.95
Accidentals on Purpose: A Musician’s Dictionary, $15.95
Just for fun, we offer a wealth of musical humor writings by David W. Barber. The more educated the reader, the more fun they will have with Barber’s dry wit and knack for putting musicians in their place! Click here to see all of the author’s offerings.

For COLLEGE GRADUATES becoming First Year Band Directors:

Handy Manual Fingering Charts by Clarence Hendrickson, $8.99
You’re not alone – no one remembers all those fingerings for the bassoon they learned in a methods class three years ago! That’s probably why we’ve never met a band or orchestra teacher who didn’t own at least one of these convenient little reference guides. It includes fingering charts for all woodwind, brass and string instruments as well as drum rudiments, a transposition chart and ranges. A must-have!

alfred-286-fInstrument Repair for the Music Teacher by Burton Stanley, $22.95
This concise guide for the band director covers the basics of woodwind and brass maintenance and repair. Topics include: changing pads, springs and key regulation for woodwinds, and caring for piston valves, rotary valves, and basic soldering for brasses. Although Stanton’s recommends maintenance and major repair through your local instrument dealer or selected repair shop, this book addresses basic fixes and can get you (and your student) out of a jam.

The Music Teacher’s First Year by Elizabeth Peterson, $19.95
From a first-year teacher whose instruments were stolen before entering his building, to a teacher who received “hate mail” before her first day, to a teacher whose sensitivity, flexibility and insight gained her the respect of her ensemble in only weeks, this collection of true stories from first-year teachers is a delightful description of their real world. In addition, each chapter includes discussion questions for pre-service and young teachers as they prepare for their teaching future.

Teaching Music Through Performance in Band series, $39.50-$69.95
These books are the go-to resource for quality instrumental literature at all levels. The books are a wealth of information, and the accompanying CD sets have high quality recordings of each featured piece. While a worthwhile investment, they can be out of reach for those on a first-year teacher’s salary. Available titles include Teaching Music Through Performance in Band Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10, as well as Teaching Music Through Performance in Middle School Band, and Beginning Band Vol. 1 and 2. Books and CD sets sold separately.

Help your graduate build their reference library with these other fantastic resources!
National Core Arts Standards by Wendy Barden, $12.95
Habits of a Successful Band Director by Scott Rush, $29.95
Habits of a Successful Middle School Band Director by Scott Rush, $29.95
Developing the Complete Band Program by Shelley Jagow, $39.95
Urban Music Education by Kate Fitzpatrick-Harnish, $19.95
Strategic Plans for a Successful Booster Club by David W. Vandewalker, $44.95
Boosters to the Rescue! Handbook for Educators by David W. Vandewalker, $44.95

Visit our Marching Band and Concert Band pages for complete music resources, programming ideas, and more! Also, be sure to give your graduate Stanton’s phone number: 1-800-42-MUSIC, ext. 2! Our staff is a great resource with music knowledge and teaching experience, and full of ideas!

Why Does Copyright Law Matter? 01 June, 2016

copyrightrespectfully offered by Dan C., Orchestra Music Specialist

If you are reading this, you are probably a musician or associate with musicians. When you are a musician or hang with musicians, you begin to think that everyone is probably involved in music in one way or another. But, we musicians are really a fairly finite group of people.

It has been speculated that if you were to gather all people in the United States who make their living in the music industry (whether creating it, performing it, recording it, writing it, teaching it, publishing it, selling it, making and repairing instruments that play it etc), you would end up with about the same amount of people as are employed by the Kellogg’s Company – you know, the cereal and snack food folks. Yeah – a pretty finite group!

It seems unlikely that anyone involved in this tight-knit music community would intentionally keep their fellow musicians from trying to make a living. And yet, that’s what you do when you copy sheet music without permission. Sheet music is property – like a trumpet, violin or a microphone – but it’s intellectual property, which can be a bit nebulous. Basically, only the Copyright Holder has the “right” to “copy” their work. When you copy music without permission from the copyright holder, you are actually stealing it.

When you copy music without a second thought, that means the music is not being sold. Consequently, the music retailer and all their employees lose income, the music publisher and all their employees lose income, and, perhaps most tragically, the composer loses income. Your fellow musicians are being deprived of their ability to make a living.

So not only are you breaking the law by copying music, you are keeping your brothers and sisters in this finite musical community from doing what they love to do: be a musician. If they can’t make a living at it, they may have to leave and do something else. And the musical world becomes an even smaller place.

So don’t copy music without permission – it’s not only illegal, it’s immoral. Let’s make sure the livelihood of our music community is secure so we can all continue to make music – that thing we love to do!

For more information on what you can and cannot do when it comes to copyright, check out these books on the subject:
Copyright Basics by Joel Leach
The Teacher’s Guide to Music, Media, and Copyright Law by James Frankel
Music Copyright Law by Moser & Slay
Music Publishing: The Complete Guide by Steve Winogradsky

About the Author:
Dan C. has worked at Stanton’s since 1979, primarily with orchestra music and print promotions. A “working” musician, he’s a classical cellist, a rock & jazz bassist and a folk & country guitarist/singer. His free time is spent with family or reading, gardening, cycling and working puzzles. His series of musical puzzles (RP3 Rebus Puzzle Picture People) can be found on the Stanton’s Facebook page each Sunday. He also has a reputation as a pretty good joke teller. Seriously.

Stanton’s E-Tools: Digital Delivery 08 April, 2016

digital deliveryThe amazing staff at Stanton’s knows how valuable your time is. That’s why we try to provide you with as many tools as we can to make choosing music easier, faster and more enjoyable! In this series of blog posts, we will be profiling our E-tools. Whether you are a local customer here in Columbus, OH or one of our many friends around the world, we hope you will find a way to use our E-tools!

It’s happened to all of us: You have a rehearsal or a performance coming up in a few days (or a few hours!) and you’ve lost your music; it’s they day before a competition, and your judges’ copies are nowhere to be found; you desperately need something new and fresh for your church choir to start on tonight. In many cases, Stanton’s Digital Delivery can come to your rescue!

Using the Digital Delivery website, you can purchase thousands of titles and print them at home on your home computer within minutes. In addition, many popular sheets (including pop, Broadway, country, etc) can be transposed to the key of your choosing, so you’ll always be able to have piece in a comfortable range for you. Lead lines can also be transposed for instruments such as trumpet, clarinet, saxophone and French horn. Many titles are available in convenient PDF format, so they’re ready to use right on your tablet!

You can access our Digital Delivery site directly by clicking here, where you can browse options for bands, orchestradigital delivery printers, choirs, and solos for many different instruments. You can also use the regular Stanton’s website, where titles available for Digital Delivery have a printer icon next to their descriptions. Clicking on that icon will take you directly to that item’s page on the Digital Delivery website, where you can purchase and print.

For questions about how to use the Stanton’s Digital Delivery Site, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-42-MUSIC or visit us online or in person!

Click here for more in the Stanton’s E-Tools series!

NEW Disney Brass Quintets 23 November, 2015

Trumpets02262006Hey there, Working Brass Quintets – and High School Band Directors!

If you have a Brass Quintet that plays gigs, especially for kid’s concerts, we have come across an exciting new series of Disney music expertly scored for Brass Quintet by the inimitable Jack Gale, who has arranged so many great lighter titles as well as sacred, classical, and Christmas music for Brass Quintet.

Band Directors – These would also work well for better student groups who may get asked to play for PTA meetings, or at your elementary schools and gigs of that nature.

All of the arrangements are at the Grade 3 or 4 level and span Disney movies from 1945’s “Song of the South” to 2013’s “Frozen” and are 2, 3, or 4 minutes in length. These are fully arranged by Mr. Gale, who is a top-notch expert in the field – they’re not just melody with “oom-pahs” underneath.

Choose from:
AOS235 – Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah (from Song of the South) – Grade 4 – $20.00
AOS237 – A Spoonful of Sugar (from Mary Poppins) – Grade 3 – $20.00
ABP035 – A Whole New World (from Aladdin) – Grade 3 – $20.00
AOS884 – Let It Go (from Frozen) – Grade 4 – $20.00
AOS883 – Love is an Open Door (from Frozen) – Grade 4 – $20.00

Contact Stanton’s Instrumental Department for more ideas for your brass quintet!

New! Ultimate Christmas Instrumental Solos Play-Along 02 December, 2013

Pick up your instrument and add more joy to your Christmas season, or keep your students playing through December with the recently released Ultimate Christmas Instrumental Solos collection from Alfred Publishing.

Perfect for developing and intermediate level players, this collection features 35 well-known Christmas carols and songs with an enhanced mp3 CD.  The CD includes both demonstration tracks with the melody and play-along tracks with the fully orchestrated accompaniments, as well as PDF files of the piano accompaniment parts.  The mix of sacred Christmas carols, secular Christmas songs, folk carols, and a few medley arrangements, along with a targeted difficulty of grades 2-3, ensures that there is something for everyone!

Books are available for Flute, Clarinet, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Trumpet, F Horn, Trombone, Violin, Viola, and Cello.  Please note that the wind and string books are not compatible with each other due to key and range considerations.  Check out the contents below, and order your copy from Stanton’s Sheet Music!

Angels Medley:
Angels from the Realms of Glory
-Angels We Have Heard on High
Believe (from The Polar Express)
Blue Christmas
Carol Medley:
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
-O Come All Ye Faithful
-The First Noel
Celebration Medley:
Hallelujah Chorus
-Joy to the World
Do They Know It’s Christmas (Feed the World)
Feliz Navidad
Folk Carol Suite:
Noel Nouvelet
-Masters In This Hall
-Coventry Carol
-Echo Carol
Frosty the Snowman
Gesu Bambino
Grown-Up Christmas List
Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
A Holly Jolly Christmas
I’ll Be Home for Christmas
Infant Holy, Infant Lowly
It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Jingle Bell Rock
Jingle Bells
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
The Little Drummer Boy
Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming
Manger Medley:
Away in a Manger (Cradle Song)
-Away in a Manger
-Silent Night
Mary Did You Know?
O Christmas Tree
O Holy Night
Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree
Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer
Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town
Sleigh Ride
Themes from The Nutcracker Suite:
-Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy
-Russian Dance (Trepak)
-Waltz of the Flower
Ukrainian Carol
We Wish You a Merry Christmas
Winter Wonderland
You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch

College Tubists! 31 October, 2013

If your applied instrument instructor has given you a list of repertoire that they want you to work on this coming year, contact Stanton’s and we can supply all your sheet music needs.  If no specific list has been recommended, consider these top selling materials:

Top Selling Tuba Technique Books
AL28604 – 43 Bel Canto Studies – Bordogni
AL28596 – 70 Studies Book 1 – Blazhevich
AL28597 – 70 Studies Book 2 – Blazhevich
AL28601 – 60 Selected Studies – Kopprasch
48001043 – 40 Advanced Studies – Tyrell
15662 – Low Etudes for Tuba – Snedecor
AL28599 – 24 Melodious Etudes – Vasiliev

Top Selling Tuba Solo Literature
50282070 – Honor and Arms – Handel/Harvey
35022071 – Suite for Tuba – Haddad
BWI00074 – His Majesty the Tuba – Dowling
W1647 – Air and Bouree – J. S. Bach/Bell
03774666 – Introduction and Dance – Barat/Smith
W1133 – Beelzebub – Catozzi/Seredy
49005060 – Sonata – Hindemith
35020961 – Sonata #3 in A Minor – Vivaldi/Morris
03775123 – Sonata #1 in F Major – Marcello/Little

College Trombonists and Euphonium Players! 10 October, 2013

If your applied instrument instructor has given you a list of repertoire that they want you to work on this coming year, contact Stanton’s and we can supply all your sheet music needs.  If no specific list has been recommended, consider these top selling materials:

Top Selling Trombone/Euphonium Technique Books
O1594X – Melodious Etudes Book 1 – Rochut
O1595 – Melodious Etudes Book 2 – Rochut
O1596 – Melodious Etudes Book 3 – Rochut
O23 – Arban’s Famous Method – Arban
48001055 – 40 Progressive Studies – Tyrell
04470720 – Selected Studies (Trombone) – Voxman
04470730 – Selected Studies (Euphonium) – Voxman
O4767 – Studies in Legato – Fink
O4768 – Studies in Legato (Bass Trombone) – Fink
O2895 – 60 Selected Studies Book 1 – Kopprasch
O2615 – 60 Selected Studies Book 2 – Kopprasch

Top Selling Trombone Solo Literature
TS0046 – Morceau Symphonique – Guilmant
K04563 – Concerto – Rimsky-Korsakov
W2490 – Blue Bells of Scotland – Pryor
2221 – Six Sonatas Book 1 – Galliard
2222 – Six Sonatas Book 2 – Galliard
W1691 – Starlight – Pryor
1-5036 – Concerto – Jacob
10530185 – Annie Laurie – Pryor/Smith
2147 Sonata in A Minor – Marcello/Ostrander
03773993 – Andante et Allegro – Barat

Top Selling Euphonium Solo Literature
03774665 – Introduction and Dance (BC/TC) – Barat
W2477 – Beautiful Colorado (BC only) – De Luca
W2475 – Beautiful Colorado (TC only) – De Luca
CBS00135 – Suite in Ab (BC/TC) – Hendel/Beldon
TS0060 – Carnival of Venice (BC/TC) – Clarke
03774006 – Napoli (BC only) – Bellstedt/Simon
03773938 – Napoli (TC only) – Bellstedt/Simon

Now Available from Lip-Slur World Headquarters! 04 September, 2013

Modern Flexibilities for Brass
Scott Belck
Meredith Music Publications

Have you been following the Lip-Slur World Headquarters Facebook page?  If so, you need to buy this book!

This is the COMPLETE first collection of Scott Belck‘s unique lip-slur exercises.

This is not your grandfather’s lip slur book! It is an innovative method incorporating an entirely new vocabulary of harmonically rich and rhythmically varied exercises; challenging, fun and interesting to practice. As a professional trumpeter, lead player, jazz artist, soloist, chamber player, educator and composer, Belck combines a unique writing style, challenging musicians to think and practice creatively.  A must-have for players of all levels, Modern Flexibilities is quickly becoming a staple of advanced and professional players’ libraries, and required study of many college and university trumpet studios.

Although designed as a unique approach to lip-slurring for trumpet and other brass, the fingering combinations and interval sequences make interesting studies for saxophone and other woodwinds.  Stanton’s has already filled many orders from trumpeters around the country, even receiving an order from jazz legend Bobby Shew!

If this book isn’t in your library, what are you waiting for?  Order yours today, and hit the shed!

College Bound Hornists! 30 August, 2013

If your applied instrument instructor has given you a list of repertoire that they want you to work on this coming year, contact Stanton’s and we can supply all your sheet music needs.  If no specific list has been recommended, consider these top selling materials:

Top Selling Horn Technique Books
EL00082 – Preparatory Melodies to Solo Work – Pottag
03770212 – 335 Selected Melodious and Progressive Etudes Book 1 – Pottag/Andraud
03770622 – 335 Selected Melodious and Progressive Etudes Book 2 – Pottag/Andraud
O2791 – 60 Selected Studies Book 2 – Kopprasch
0021 – Art of French Horn – Farkas
101 – 40 Progressive Exercises for Low Horn – McCoy
AL16857 – 200 New Melodic Studies Book 1 – Maxime-Alphonse
AL16721 – 200 New Melodic Studies Book 2 – Maxime-Alphonse
AL16720 – 200 New Melodic Studies Book 3 – Maxime-Alphonse

Top Selling Horn Solo Literature
50261880 – Four Horn Concertos and Concert Rondo – Mozart
50262600 – Concerto #1 in Eb Op. 11 – R. Strauss
1205 – Sonata in F, Op. 17 – Beethoven
W1634 – Concerto Op. 8 – F. Strauss
AL19955 – En Foret – Bozza
49002318 – Rondo in Bb – Cooke
2111 – Villanelle – Dukas/Chambers
1489 – Concertpiece Op. 94 – Saint-Saens
49004225 – Sonata – Hindemith

College Bound Trumpeters! 28 August, 2013

If your applied instrument instructor has given you a list of repertoire that they want you to work on this coming year, contact Stanton’s and we can supply all your sheet music needs.  If no specific list has been recommended, consider these top selling materials:

Top Selling Trumpet Technique books
Brand New and Best-Selling!00121846 - Modern Flexibilities for Brass – Belck
New Authentic Edition – O21X – Arban’s Complete Conservatory Method – Arban/Hooten/Marotta
O2280 – Technical Studies – Clarke
TP138 – Lyrical Studies – Concone/Sawyer
EL00304 – First Book of Practical Studies – Getchell/Hovey
EL00305 – Second Book of Practical Studies – Getchell/Hovey
27 – Warmups + Studies – Stamp
O1834 – 27 Melodious & Rhythmical Exercises – Small
AL20452 – 36 Etudes Transcendantes – Charlier
04470680 – Selected Studies – Voxman
03770191 – 27 Groups of Exercises – Irons
O3309X – 40 Progressive Etudes – Hering

Top Selling Trumpet Solo Literature
FCS01561 – Aria Con Variazione – Handel/Fitzgerald
TS0026 – Sonata – Kennan
TP146A – Concert Etude – Goedicke/Glover
755 – Concerto in Eb – Hummel/Voisin
1985 – Concerto in Eb Major HOB VIIE, #1 – Haydn/Voisin
FCS01560 – Sonata VIII – Corelli/Fitzgerald
49004226 – Sonata – Hindemith
2376 – Concerto – Arutunian/Voisin
AL21923 – Fantasie in Eb – Barat
AL21324 – Andante et Scherzo – Barat

The Power of Social Media 29 July, 2013

We’ve been amazed at the number of orders we’ve taken for a brand new trumpet method book called Modern Flexibilities for Brass written by Scott Belck.

Scott, a good Stanton’s friend and chairperson of the jazz department at the University of Cincinnati, started a FaceBook page last summer called Lip Slur International Headquarters. He would write unusual lip slurs and post them on the page every day including humorous commentary to make everything fun and light. Well, his pals here at Stanton’s saw a publishing opportunity and put him in touch with the good people at the Hal Leonard and Meredith Publishing Company. Although it’s pretty unusual to have something happen this fast, Scott’s new book just hit our shelves last week and we can’t keep it in stock!

Scott has been gracious enough to plug Stanton’s Sheet Music on the Lip Slur Headquarter’s FaceBook page and in one week we’ve had over 40 copies leave the store to all points around the world. THE ONLY PROMOTION FOR THIS BOOK HAS BEEN ON FACEBOOK!!! The actual new issue date isn’t until September but the buzz was so great that the production schedule was bumped up. Contact Stanton’s instrumental department for more information on this amazing book!

Preview New Music from Home! 27 February, 2013

As you begin looking planning you Spring concert program, remember that you can preview music from Stanton’s before you decide to buy! We know that it’s difficult to tell if a particular piece of music will fit your needs without actually reading it through, so similar to checking things out from a library, you can “borrow” resources from our store using the “21 Day Trial” program!

piano musicEach of Stanton’s departments has slightly different guidelines about what/how many items can be sent on “21 Day Trial,” but in general we can send printed sheet music that is currently in stock. You can request items for trial by phone, email, fax, online or in person—any of the ways that you can place a regular order—but make sure that you specify “21 Day Trial.” You can list the music you’d like to peruse, or you can give us some specifications (like “Patriotic easy piano solos,” “SSA choral music on the theme of friendship,” or “new publications for 8th grade jazz band”) and Stanton’s knowledgeable staff will find some suggestions for you!

We require account or credit card information so that if you choose to keep the music we can charge you accordingly, or return the music within 21 days of your invoice date and you’ll never be charged! (You’ll just have to pay return shipping to get the music back to us.)

Contact us now to request your trial, and then you won’t have to rush around once you’re done with Contest or back from Spring break!

Lip Slurs for Horn 28 June, 2012

Meredith Music Publications’ new book, Lip Slurs for Horn by Howard Hilliard is a great discovery!

It is a very comprehensive approach to the Horn warm-up and covers the whole gamut of what players of all levels will need to develop flexibility, range, lip trills and endurance. Starting with sets of lip slurs for the beginning player the book creates a tremendous foundation and is one of the few books around that provides increasing challenges for the intermediate and advanced player.

The best part of the book is that all of the exercises are refreshingly musical.  It’s a pleasure to use as both a player and a teacher and will become as standard to the Horn curriculum as Arban, Clarke and Schlossberg are to the Trumpet.

For more details on this and other publications from Meredith Music, contact Stanton’s by email, or by phone at 1-800-426-8742.

USE IT OR LOSE IT! 01 May, 2012

School Teachers – we’re talking your budget allotment here!  In these tough economic times, you will want to make sure that you use what you have been given!  If you have money left on any of your Purchase Orders, we recommend that you get it spent before someone in the office decides to pull it out from under you and buy soccer balls with it!  Plus if you don’t use your allotment, there is a chance you won’t get as much next year because the clerk/treasurer sees that you don’t spend what you’ve been given, so they’ll give you less the next time!

With that in mind, Stanton’s Sheet Music has some great music with which you can finish out the school year.  Whether you want serious literature or something on the lighter side, we have plenty of choral, band and orchestra music that would be perfect for your Spring Concerts, for graduation, for teaching new concepts or practicing sight-reading or just to get a head start on next year. 

Check out the recommendations on our website, or call Stanton’s at 1-800-42-MUSIC (1-800-426-8742) and talk to one of our knowledgeable sales people about top notch music to finish out your budget.  The music we recommend is educationally valid, the best sounding and the most highly programmable, so you can count on getting just the right pieces for your groups to get your precious money’s worth.  Contact Stanton’s today!

Digitally Download Sheet Music 01 March, 2012

Do you ever need sheet music in a big hurry?  Check out Stanton’s Digital Delivery to browse our digital sheet music library. There are pop songs, Broadway songs, sacred songs, guitar tabs, and much more!

You’ll need to download a free Scorch program that allows you to see the first page of each song you look up, and it allows you to print on your own printer.  Many songs can also be transposed to whatever key you need! Just pay with a credit card, download and print.

This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Happy browsing!

My Funny Valentine 14 February, 2012

Do you have a significant other that makes you smile with your heart?  Their looks may be laughable (and even unphotographable) yet they’re your favorite work of art?  Then you could call them “My Funny Valentine.”

With lyrics close to those written above, the well known song, “My Funny Valentine,” has become a staple for the day set aside to honor your favorite loved one.  Written in 1937 by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart for their musical, Babes in Arms, it is sung in the show by the female lead, Billie Smith, to her love interest, Valentine “Val” LaMar.  She pokes gentle fun at some of his characteristics, but ultimately tells him not to change, because they are what gives him his charm.  Just about everyone can relate to that set of circumstances.  After all, love reigns supreme – especially on Valentine’s Day!

If you would like to perform this wonderful song, there are many settings from which to choose. There are versions for vocal solo with piano, as well as arrangements for choir, jazz ensemble (with or without vocal solo), jazz combo, concert band and full or string orchestra.  You can find these all on Stanton’s website, or try our Digital Delivery option if there’s no time to lose!

Get a real, LIVE person on the phone! 30 January, 2012

We’re always talking about our knowledgeable staff—you’ll find that very phrase on much of our printed advertising, as well as on our website. Stanton’s sales staff is separated into departments to ensure that each staff member is well informed about a specific area of the wide variety of music that we carry. So when you call and ask about music for trumpet, you’ll be speaking with someone who has first-hand knowledge of repertoire, not just a phone operator with no musical experience. Here’s what you’ll find in each department:

Church Choral Music
School Choral Music
Elementary Classroom Music
Classical Solo Vocal

Concert Band
Marching Band
Jazz Ensemble
Solos for all concert instruments
Instrumental Method Books
Music Software/Technology

Sacred & Secular Piano
Piano Method Books
Popular/Broadway Solo Vocal
Contemporary Christian Vocal
Guitar Solos and Methods
Music for Folk Instruments


You can direct emails to the exact department you need by clicking the links above, or press the appropriate extension when you call 1-800-42-MUSIC (1-800-426-8742). If you’re unsure of which department to choose, we’re always happy to direct you to whoever can best address your needs; press “0″ to have your call directed, or send a general email. At Stanton’s, it is important to us that you receive the most educated answers to your questions and the finest music recommendations.