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So You Want to Be a Music Major? 22 July, 2024

So You Want to Be a Music Major: A Guide for High School Students, Their Parents, Guidance Counselors, and Music Teachers by Robert Franzblau
This book details the fundamental knowledge, skills, and attitudes that prospective music majors need in order to make a successful transition from high school to college. Specific exercises are offered, along with supporting online resources. It also suggests steps that parents, high school guidance counselors, and music teachers can take to identify, encourage, and guide future musicians and music educators.

Majoring in Music: All the Stuff You Need to Know by Rich Holly
Highlights the major components for survival and success during the formative years in a college, university or conservatory and provides examples and strategies to greatly assist the student musician. With no-nonsense advice and practical tips, this guide will prepare music students (and their parents!) to meet the many challenges, and take advantage of the opportunities afforded them during the glorious college years.

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Go On, Tell Your Story! 11 January, 2024

recommended by Ken Tilger and Austin Swack, Band Education Specialists

GO ON, Tell Your Story! by LaToya A. Webb and Julia L. Baumanis
“GO ON, Tell Your Story! Voices of Women Band Directors” is a powerful collection of real-life stories told by trailblazing women band directors of varied experiences and identities about the world of professional music and conducting.

Poignant, funny, sad, and uplifting, these stories offer a unique perspective into the challenging and rewarding world of music education and performance, inviting readers to listen and grow with each vignette.

The stories in the book are organized by theme into four sections – Pride, Affirmation, Togetherness, and Happiness – and readers are encouraged to use the book as more of a handbook than a front-to-back read. Along with stories, the book also includes affirmational quotes, a playlist of inspirational songs, and space for readers to reflect.

With the goal of building true support, community, and understanding, “GO ON, Tell Your Story!” is a wonderful companion for all musicians and educators as they grow in their lives and careers.

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About the Authors:
A former band director, Ken taught grades 5-12 band and music appreciation in both public and parochial schools in Central Ohio, and has been at Stanton’s since 2004. His iPod ranges from jazz and funk to classic and alternative rock, and symphonies. His interests include reading, history, traditional amusement parks, outdoor activities (especially hiking), and watching hockey.

Austin Swack joined the Stanton’s team after a decade of teaching band in Texas public schools, where his ensembles were consistently recognized for superior performance. He is equally at home with beginner and advanced students and has extensive experience programming for ensembles at all ability levels. Additionally, he is a versatile arranger as well as an experienced clinician and adjudicator. In his free time, Austin enjoys running, cycling, and cheering on the Blue Jackets!

What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body 08 January, 2024

recommended by Jen Sper and Lisa Springer, School Choral Music Specialists

What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body (Revised Edition) by Bridget Jankowski
This primer for all musicians provides a reliable base for a lifetime of playing and singing. The principles in these pages are the elemental foundation of music education, and will protect a musician from injury, promote the physical freedom and sensitivity needed for technical mastery, and secure the embodied intelligence that grounds musical power and subtlety. Musicians teaching from these principles will see their students thrive. Students studying and restudying these pages will delight in their enhanced performance. This book also serves as the text of a six-hour course on Body Mapping for musicians developed by Barbara Conable.

What’s New in the Revised Edition? Created with the input of experienced Licensed Body Mapping Educators, and led by Body Mapping expert Bridget Jankowski, this revision includes:
• Updated and enlarged images – big enough for coloring.
• Streamlined and clarified content based on new science.
• An updated format that follows the associated Body Mapping course more closely.
• Additional room for notes at the end of each section.

Knowledge from the scientific community continues to inform the work of the Association for Body Mapping Education. The book’s associated Body Mapping course of the same name has evolved over the past two decades, and an updated text for the course will be a valuable resource for novice and seasoned Body Mapping Educators alike.

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About the Authors:
Jen Sper is a Choral Music Specialist here at Stanton’s Sheet Music. A native of Cincinnati, she holds a Bachelor of Music Education degree from Baldwin Wallace College (now University) Conservatory of Music, and taught 7-12 choir, music theory, class piano, and drama in Southern Ohio before joining the Stanton’s team in 2006. An active choral singer and accompanist throughout the Central Ohio area, Jen can also often be found exploring the exciting restaurant, brewery, and theater scenes in Columbus, wandering through the local metro parks, visiting family around the Great Lakes, or at home with her very friendly cat.

Lisa Springer joined the Stanton’s choral staff in July 2023. She taught middle and high school choirs for 27 years in addition to serving as Artistic Director of the Columbus Women’s Chorus. She holds degrees from Heidelberg University and Cleveland Institute of Music. She has enjoyed an extensive professional singing career and continues to perform in the greater Columbus area. During her free time, she enjoys spending time in southern Ohio playing with her grandchildren.

Behind the Compositions: Analysis Guides for Band 31 August, 2023

recommended by Ken T., Band Education Specialist

A Conductor’s Interpretive Analysis of Masterworks for Band by Frederick Fennell
Frederick Fennell, widely acknowledged as the dean of American band conductors, has freely shared what he called long-distilled thoughts about the world’s greatest music for band. In this collection, he covers original scores by Persichetti, Hanson, Schuman and Chance, as well as classic works by Wagner and Holst. Fennell’s clear and to-the-point analysis/interpretations are based on a lifetime of careful research, rehearsals, and professional performances. In this informative work, you will find inspiration for a truly superior presentation of these masterworks for band. Includes: Divertimento for Band (Persichetti) * Symphony for Band (Persichetti) * Elsa’s Procession to the Cathedral (Wagner) * Chorale and Alleluia (Hanson) * George Washington Bridge (W. Schuman) * A Moorside Suite (Holst) * Variations on a Korean Folk Song (Chance) * I Really Do Love Marches! (Fennell).

Performance Study Guides of Essential Works for Band by Donald Hunsberger
A truly outstanding collection of timeless essays on basic repertory for band by Frank L. Battisti, John Bourgeois, Frank Erickson, Robert Garofalo, Donald Hunsberger, Francis McBeth, Kenneth L. Neidig, Stephen L. Rhodes, Mark Scatterday, Thomas J. Trimborn and John Zdechlik. These clear and to-the-point analysis/interpretations are based on careful research, rehearsals, and years of high-level performances. In this informative work, you will find inspiration for a truly superior presentation of these masterworks for band.

A Catalog of Folk Song Settings for Wind Band by Mark Aldrich
This comprehensive collection of folk songs used in band masterworks is a wonderful source for determining interpretation and style, and will open the door to creative teaching. Folk song overviews include notated tunes, lyrics and brief historical annotations. A must-have for the imaginative teacher/conductor!

Percussion Assignments for Band & Wind Ensemble by Russ Girsberger
This two-volume publication provides guidelines on percussion player and instrument requirements for over 2,000 concert band and wind ensemble works. It contains helpful information for conductors, section leaders, stage managers, equipment managers and ensemble librarians. An incredible compilation for school, college, military, community and professional bands and wind ensembles.

Canadian Band Music: A Qualitative Guide to Canadian Composers and Their Work for Band by Michael Burch-Pesses
This one-of-a-kind volume is perfect for those who have never programmed a Canadian band piece or simply want to expand their knowledge of Canada’s many gems for wind band. With up-to-date biographies of 63 Canadian composers and more than 200 of their works in grades 1 through 6, this book’s listing of each work includes program notes, description of the piece, grade level, duration, and publisher. Also included are easy-to-use, four-year performance sequences for each grade level.

Sourcebook for Wind Band & Instrumental Music by Frank L. Battisti, William Berz & Russ Girsberger
This sourcebook was created to aid directors and teachers in finding the information they need and expand their general knowledge. The resources were selected from hundreds of published and on-line sources found in journals, magazines, music company catalogs and publications, numerous websites, doctoral dissertations, graduate theses, encyclopedias, various databases, and a great many books. Information was also solicited from outstanding college/university/school wind band directors and instrumental teachers. The information is arranged in four sections: Section 1 – General Resources About Music; Section 2 – Specific Resources; Section 3 – Use of Literature; Section 4 – Library Staffing and Management.

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About the Author:
A former band director, Ken taught grades 5-12 band and music appreciation in both public and parochial schools in Central Ohio, and has been at Stanton’s since 2004. His iPod ranges from jazz and funk to classic and alternative rock, and symphonies. His interests include reading, history, traditional amusement parks, outdoor activities (especially hiking), and watching hockey.

STANTON’S SHEET MUSIC: 61 Years of Great Service! 01 August, 2021

Happy Birthday to us! Stanton’s is celebrating 61 years of great service for musicians, directors, and educators. Watch our history!

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Inspiration and Resources for Summer Reading 07 June, 2021

In-stock now and ready for shipment – find inspiration this summer and start back to school strong in the fall!

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Copyright Handbook for Music Educators and Directors by Pam Phillips & Andrew Surmani
“Copyright Handbook for Music Educators and Directors” provides a concise overview of the key aspects of copyright law that affect music educators and directors in the United States. Designed to provide answers to the most common questions raised by educators and directors, this resource makes it easy to find specific answers and is arranged in a user-friendly question-and-answer format. For ease of use, a thorough Glossary of Terms and an extensive Index are included. Not meant to replace legal counsel, the “Copyright Handbook” is a starting point for music educators and directors with questions concerning copyright. Topics include:
• How to determine if a work is protected by copyright
• The use of print music and lyrics
• The use of audio
• The use of video
• Digital products and the Internet
• Performance rights
• Composing and arranging.

National Core Arts Standards in Secondary Music Ensembles by Wendy Barden
This practical, 96-page resource provides detailed information to ease understanding and implementation of the 2014 National Core Arts Standards in secondary music ensembles. Each artistic process in the standards – creating, performing, responding, and connecting – is explored through examples of day-to-day rehearsal activities and a sample cornerstone assessment that is ready for class use.

Music for Concert Band (2nd Edition): A Selective Annotated Guide to Band Literature by Joseph Kreines & Robert Hansbrough
The second edition of “Music for Concert Band” is a new and comprehensive anthology of meticulously selected and graded literature for wind band. It contains hundreds of outstanding works appropriate for elementary through professional-level ensembles and will acquaint directors with a wide spectrum of quality literature both standard and new. Each recommended work contains pedagogical, stylistic and form indicators. In addition, the text contains a section on recommended marches and optional concert material.

Score & Rehearsal Preparation: A Realistic Approach for Instrumental Conductors by Gary Stith
This text is sure to provide the most practical approach to orchestra and wind band score study ever published. It methodically simplifies preliminary score study and initial rehearsal preparation for all conductors of band, orchestra and chamber ensembles. It is enormously valuable for practicing conductors from elementary school to those leading professional ensembles. As a supplement to undergraduate and graduate level instrumental conducting classes, it is an extremely effective text.

The unique features of this innovative publication include:
• an easy-to-read format that systematically walks the reader through the entire score-study process
• complete full score to Flourish for Wind Band by Vaughan Williams – used as the study score throughout
• compositional flowchart of the Vaughan Williams work
• Score and Rehearsal Preparation Worksheet that can be reproduced and used with any wind band or orchestral score (and maintained for future use)
• seating-arrangement diagrams of nationally renown wind bands and orchestras
• comprehensive glossary of standard instrument abbreviations
• standard band and orchestra instrumentation reference chart
• selective and detailed bibliography containing specific sources that will prove invaluable in the preparation of all instrumental scores.

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Combat COVID-19 10 November, 2020

There’s no doubt that the coronavirus has affected musicians worldwide – especially their ability to rehearse or perform in any type of group setting. These products are being distributed by Stanton’s Sheet Music and are designed to help with this dilemma so musicians everywhere can start making music again – safely!

The Singer’s Mask from The Broadway Relief Project
Designed for comfort and with a professional presentation, we now have a solution for singers and performers nationwide. The Singer’s Mask was designed and manufactured by Broadway professionals. Based on feedback from their peers, this mask helps contain droplets while allowing space around the mouth to sing comfortably. The face mask area has three layers that includes a nonwoven Polyesther, sandwiched by layers of cotton muslin. There are two small windows on both sides that don’t have the Polyester middle, allowing for greater air flow. The top edge of the mask has a flexible wire inside (ear to ear) to custom fit your exact face shape and keep the material reliably away from the mouth. It’s washable in cold water. In general, adult size is intended for high school and older. Youth is for 14 year-olds and younger. See size chart to determine. Available in both black and beige. Proceeds will benefit the Broadway Relief Project ( Made in the USA.

Wind Instrument Face Mask from Gator Cases
Made to meet the recommendations set forth by the NFHS’ Performing Arts Aerosol Study! This reusable and hand washable double-layer face mask for playing wind instruments helps reduce the spread of aerosols during instrument play, allowing the instrumentalist to play without having to remove their face covering. It features a cotton flap on the mouth opening with magnetic connections to keep it open or closed and adjustable elastic straps for increased comfort. Made of cotton and polyester fabric. Available small, medium, and large; see size chart to determine.

Wind Instrument Bell Covers from Gator Cases
Made to meet the Performing Arts Aerosol Study Recommendations! This wind instrument double-layer bell cover greatly reduces the spread of aerosols with a breathable design with little to no back-pressure or acoustic loss during performance. Made of non-woven polypropylene fabric, this cover is equipped with a removable MERV-13 filter and an elastic closure and cord lock to keep the cover secured to the bell opening. Re-usable and hand washable. Available in multiple sizes for various woodwind and brass instruments; see size chart to determine.

Please note that these products are non-returnable, and ship separately from print music orders. Additional shipping charges may apply. Contact us at 1-800-42-MUSIC for more information.

Flexible Music for the Upcoming School Year 21 July, 2020

armed forces on parade michael sweeneyrecommended by Ken T., Band Education Specialist

As school districts around the country begin communicating the attendance, course structures, and health and safety protocols for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year, Stanton’s Sheet Music is working to provide you with music and ideas that will ensure music teaching and learning in band, provide the possibility of performance, and contain the built-in flexibility you need for the varied and out-of-the-ordinary ensemble experiences that are likely to follow. First in this series of suggestions for flexible ensembles:

The Flex-Band series from Hal Leonard
The Flex-Band series is the ultimate in flexible instrumentation programming with over 100 titles for grades 2-3. Features of this series include:
– Perfect for incomplete or unbalanced instrumentation
– Scored with just five parts
– Playable with combinations of woodwinds, brass, or strings
– Includes traditional percussion parts
– Series titles include standard concert works, marches, pop, and holiday arrangements

Best-selling titles in the Flex-Band series include:
Armed Forces on Parade arr. Michael Sweeney, Grade 2.5
Aztec Fire by Jay Bocook, Grade 2-3
Bohemian Rhapsody arr. Paul Murtha, Grade 2-3
Disney Film Favorites arr. Johnnie Vinson, Grade 2-3
Great Movie Adventures arr. Michael Sweeney, Grade 2.5
The Incredibles arr. Paul Murtha, Grade 2.5
Korean Folk Rhapsody by James Curnow, Grade 2.5
Liberty Bell March arr. Jay Bocook, Grade 2.5
Pirates of the Caribbean arr. Michael Sweeney, Grade 2.5
White Christmas arr. Michael Sweeney, Grade 2-3

Find the complete Flex-Band series on our website, and stay tuned for more flexible repertoire recommendations. Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!

About the Author:
A former band director, Ken taught grade 5-12 band and music appreciation in both public and parochial schools in central Ohio. His iPod ranges from jazz to classic and alternative rock, symphonies, and classic songs from Sesame Street and Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. His interests include comic books, traditional amusement parks, the Muppets, football and hockey (especially the Steelers and Penguins), and all things Pittsburgh.

Conducting Music Today 03 July, 2020

conducting music today bruce hangenConducting Music Today by Bruce Hangen
Learn the essential practices of contemporary conducting. This book will teach you to use the motions, cues, patterns and practices used to lead ensembles, whether for orchestra, band, musical theater, opera, film orchestra, or other type of ensemble. You will learn techniques for keeping time, signaling musicians, and crafting your unique interpretation of the score, as well as how to command the stage presence necessary to lead a large ensemble – whether for concert performances or synching live performers to other media, such as film, recordings, musical theater and dance.

Video demonstrations and annotated scores of orchestral excerpts from Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, and others illustrate and let you practice various conducting challenges, such as cadenzas, rubato and quickly changing time signatures. Also included are interviews with some of the most accomplished conductors of your time, such as John Williams, Lalo Schifrin, JoAnn Falletta, John Morris Russell and others, providing perspective from the concert hall podium to the Broadway pit to the Hollywood sound stage.

Find more conducting resources on our website, or contact one of our Sheet Music Specialists for personalized recommendations. Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!

Virtual Summer Programs for Musicians 04 June, 2020

Dublin_Community_BandsMaking music hasn’t stopped – it’s just gone virtual! This list of Columbus youth ensembles, masterclasses, and professional development opportunities are available online this summer. With many music organizations making their music virtually, we hope each of you find yourself meeting and playing with new musicians from all over.

Dublin Youth Brass Band
There’s no charge for Dublin Youth Brass Bands online recordings of guest clinicians and tutors. Participate in their culminating virtual ensemble. Register for the June 16th start date by June 14.

98417382_101088408288454_5887402162740264960_nAll-Star Brass Band
The All Stars are preparing to start playing again as soon as possible. Until then, follow their new Facebook page to see what these students have done and are doing during quarantine!

Opera Project Columbus
Virtual Intensive Vocal Academy (VIVA): Attend virtual classes with the opera professionals from around the world. Registration is open for individual classes or the whole week. This round features classes titled, “The Music of Language,” VIVA-logo-final“Performance Skills for Opera Singers,” “Italian Text and Recitative,” “Face Forward,” and “Auditioning in Europe.” June 22-June 26

Chamber Music Connection
iSTEM Connect: Interactive online Chamber music
The letters in iSTEM represent the several pillars of chamber music: Improvisation, Solfège, Theory, Entrepreneurship, & Movement. iSTEM Connect curriculum is currently operating online using both Zoom, Acapella and BandLab offering improv workshops, solfège and theory courses, rehearsal techniques, score study, Eurhythmics, Alexander Technique, Body Mapping, Entrepreneurship and two different offerings of Yoga. These courses each fulfill CMC’s foundation for chamber music, Breathe Together, Move Together, Play Together. For more information, contact Alix Raspé Gray,, 614-323-1330

CaptureOhio State University School of Music
Virtual Flute Workshop: Three-day workshop focused on enhancing students’ musical and performance skills.
Virtual Classical Saxophone Clinic: One-day program for high school saxophonists exploring the classical genre of musicianship.
OSU Sting Teachers Workshop: Designed for the string specialist; orchestra director; secondary band, choir and general music teachers to work at their own pace and participate in a live Q&A session with clinicians.

Tech Tips for Virtual Ensembles 06 April, 2020

If every post you’ve read recently has recommended that you create a virtual ensemble during this distance learning time but hasn’t told you how, then you may waist deep in a project bigger than you anticipated – or you may just have no idea what to expect!

It’s tempting to want to achieve something like Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir, but our students aren’t professional musicians and we aren’t professional video editors.

A virtual ensemble is a BIG technological undertaking, so here are some tips to get started!

For the Teacher
Video editing software
– Recording device (phone, tablet, laptop, external microphone, etc)
For the Student
– Device to listen to provided track with headphones/earbuds
– Device to record their part
– Instrument and music stand (here are some creative ideas if students need to improvise a stand at home!)

Distributing Music:
– Send parts to your students digitally! No printing, no scanning. Watch this video about copyright laws for tips, and only send music that you have legally purchased to your students.
– See what’s available via Stanton’s Digital Delivery.
– Bill your digital order to your school account (and make sure you don’t lose your allotted school funding before the end of the year!). Contact the Stanton’s Sheet Music Specialists (Choral, Instrumental, and Keyboard/Pop/Guitar) and let them know your school name, purchase order information, and which titles you need to receive in your inbox.

jacie-matzke-playing-headerInstruction List:
– You’ll have to tell your students how to get started. There are a lot of details to think about, especially if you plan on posting your performance somewhere for parents to watch later, like YouTube.
– Dress code – no commercial logos. School spirit wear or school colors are a great choice!
– Environment – a quiet area with a closed door; turn off fans, TVs, or other excess noise.
– Camera – phones usually have better mic and camera features than laptops. Film with the phone in portrait position to show less background and a full shot of the student. Take a picture at the camera angle first to make sure the student, instrument, and posture can be properly seen.
– Video Submission – here’s a list of online sharing tools from NAfME. Google Drive is easy to use; here are tips for how to share a folder and how to upload a folder.

Create a Conductor Video:
– Introduce the music and your lesson. Give educational reminders like tempos or rehearsal markings – anything you need to say to create a unified mood.
– When you’re ready to start conducting, instruct all of your students to clap or make another noticeable noise – this will help you to line up the videos in the editing stage.
– For the layout and construction for your video, first watch Eric Whitacre’s instructions he posted for his Virtual Choir for guidance. Split the screen of your video into two halves – on one side, you conduct to encourage musical expression and on the other you play the piano to give the students something to play along to. Insert a link from Stanton’s Jukebox and have them play along to a professional example recording.
– Video editing may be a whole new world for some teachers and others may have already done projects like this in the past. Don’t get frustrated! There are lots of tutorials available on YouTube for whatever skill level you are and whatever program you are using. You will learn so much more as you go along!

When your virtual ensemble is complete, please share it with Stanton’s by tagging us on Facebook or Instagram! We love being your partner in music education, and we’re proud to support you and your students.

Stanton’s Online Catalogs 17 January, 2020

online catalog directory program with the prosView all of Stanton’s Five Star Features and favorites with our new online catalogs! Featuring our favorite new titles for school and sacred ensembles in fun, programmable categories, use our online catalogs to go straight to a title’s preview material. Visit our directory to find the catalog for your ensemble.

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Marketing Your Music Program 27 November, 2019

leon-00287741-fMarketing Your Music Program by Sean Dennison Smith
“Marketing Your Music Program: From Traditional Branding to Digital Promotion” will easily guide you through today’s world of marketing – both traditional and modern forms of social media and websites. With quality content, a strong brand and a clear strategy, you can greatly increase the presence of your choir, orchestra and band. It will also help you discover effective and efficient ways to fundraise while building important connections with a wide-reaching community.

Topics covered include: marketing overview for your music program • branding your choir, orchestra and band • websites • “Power Four” platforms • additional marketing platforms • marketing your program inmarketing your music program sean dennison smith 30 minutes a week • the road to success • social media best practices • helpful resources and websites • equipment needs • press release templates • 50 content marketing ideas to enrich your music program.

Find more valuable texts on our website, or contact us for recommendations. Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!

The Stanton’s Difference: Bring Your Students! 11 September, 2019

At Stanton’s, we know you have many choices when it comes to purchasing sheet music. This series, The Stanton’s Difference, highlights just a few of the many reasons why Stanton’s is the best place to buy music for your school, church, private studio or personal use!

busBesides making it a road trip to Stanton’s to work with our knowledgeable staff, you can also bring your students!

While a number of directors visit us on Saturdays or professional days throughout the school year, and some make a summer pilgrimage from nearby states, it is also not unusual for us to see a school bus full of students pull into our parking lot about once or twice a year (don’t worry, we only hide briefly). After a quick “lay-of-the-land” tour, we are happy to turn students loose to shop, and they are welcome to take advantage of our first-hand musical knowledge, as well.

Preparations for solo & ensemble adjudicated events provide a perfect opportunity to introduce your students to Stanton’s. What a great use of time, and a unique experience for the students! Besides finding their solo or ensemble piece with some guidance from their teacher, they are also free to check out a whole host of method and etude books, pop play-alongs, and holiday collections that are on-hand as well.

We often hear from educators who have moved on to other states that they do not have a music supplier like Stanton’s even within driving distance, and many stores do not let customers freely browse all of their titles. Besides having directors take advantage of stopping by the store, what can be better than bringing aspiring musicians (and tomorrow’s teachers!) to musical Candy Land!?

For more details or questions, please visit us online at, or give us a call at 1-800-42-MUSIC!

Click here for more information on the STANTON’S DIFFERENCE!

The Stanton’s Difference: 21 Day Trial 28 August, 2019

At Stanton’s, we know you have many choices when it comes to purchasing sheet music. This series, The Stanton’s Difference, highlights just a few of the many reasons why Stanton’s is the best place to buy music for your school, church, private studio or personal use!

a-cityscape-of-Columbus-Ohio.-1500x609Stanton’s is one of the largest sheet music retailers in the country, with tens of thousands of titles in stock. We understand that many of our customers can’t make it to our Columbus, Ohio location to peruse music, so we offer a 21 Day Trial service.

How It Works: Music can be secured with either a Stanton’s account or a credit card. We send you the in-stock materials you request, and you pay nothing but the shipping and handling costs. As long as the music is returned to us in NEW condition within 21 days, you are never charged. If you have specific titles you’d like to see, we will happily send those to you, or you can ask one of our knowledgeable staff members to select pieces for you based on concert theme, performance venue, type of group, etc.

try.gifWhat You Can Take On Trial (by department):
Choral, Handbell, Classroom General Music & Solo Vocal: You may take up to 20 single copies of octavos and/or up to 5 musicals, collections, or director’s scores.

Band, Orchestra and Instrumental: You may take up to six items on trial, including full arrangements, solos and chamber ensembles (only scores will be sent for titles appearing on the OMEA High School Large Group Contest List).

Piano/Keyboard: Up to five collections and/or 10 teaching pieces, one copy each. Popular sheet music is not available for 21 Day Trial. 75% (by dollar amount) of the piano music on trial must be purchased.

For more details about our 21 Day Trial, visit us online at, or give us a call at 1-800-42-MUSIC!

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The Stanton’s Difference: Big Enough to Serve Your Needs – Small Enough to Serve YOU 21 August, 2019

At Stanton’s, we know you have many choices when it comes to purchasing sheet music. This series, The Stanton’s Difference, highlights just a few of the many reasons why Stanton’s is the best place to buy music for your school, church, private studio or personal use!

tall StantonsWe’re Big Enough to Serve ALL Your Needs
– Stanton’s Sheet Music has direct access to all major and many minor, independent, and European publishers, allowing us to carry and order hundreds of thousands of print music titles for you.

Stanton’s e-Tools are designed to make your job easier! Use our Listening Library, Jukebox, YouTube channel, Wish List, and Digital Delivery features to compare and organize titles for your music program.

– Itemized purchase orders, bids, quotes, and large orders are no problem. We work with many schools around the country and U.S. International schools who “bulk order” over the summer.

– Besides providing music to customers all over the country, access to major publishers like Hal Leonard and Alfred combined with gives Stanton’s Sheet Music global reach with numerous international orders and worldwide shipping destinations.

But Small Enough to Serve YOU
– Stanton’s Sheet Music is still a single location, family-owned store in downtown Columbus, Ohio. We do not have a separate warehouse or call center, and our website is just another way to shop for music with Stanton’s.

– We have three sales departments, each with a specific number of dedicated, specialized staff: Choral & Classroom Music, Band & Orchestra, and Keyboard & Pop. While anyone in a respective department can help you, if you find a specific staff member you like to work with, feel free to request them.

gm clinic 2018We are your customer service. We answer your phone calls and e-mails. We fill your orders and process your online orders. We personally handle your “sheet music emergencies.” We solve any problems should they arise. We will get to know you by name, and by working with you over time, get to know your program.

We are your partner in music education, performance, and ministry. We choose our Stanton’s Five Star Features to help make your job easier. We organize and conduct Stanton’s numerous clinics, workshops and reading sessions. We develop Stanton’s e-Tools with you, the music teacher, in mind.

We hope that over the course of this series we have given you some reasons to make Stanton’s your #1 choice for sheet music. If not, give us a call or place an order with us, and see why Stanton’s Sheet Music has been Sheet Music Specialists since 1960!

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Make Music Day 2019 21 June, 2019

OrchestraOn June 21st over 1,000 cities in more than 120 countries will be celebrating Make Music Day from sunup to sundown. This all day festival welcomes everybody to make music anywhere! Play outside or on social media, just MAKE MUSIC!

France started Fête De La Musique in 1982 to celebrate free and live music everywhere with everyone. Translated, Fête De La Musique means both “festival of music” and “make music!” Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, was chosen for the new holiday. Make Music Day has grown in such popularity that it shuts down the streets in France so musicians may take over!

Make Music Day can be organized as a small back yard concert or as a national event. The NAMM Foundation took up the US sponsorship of Make Music Day. They have resources for those who want to host an event. You can even join their Make Music Alliance to get assistance in promotion, sponsorship, and tech support – visit if you want to know more.

This is Stanton’s Sheet Music’s third year participating in Make Music Day. Each year, we leave our recital hall open to those who would like to make music. This year, we are featuring some of our very own Sheet Music Specialists as our featured musicians. Catch any of our performances on our Facebook page!

If you participate from home, consider sharing your performance on social media and giving us a shout out! Feel free to tag us and use these hashtags to reach more people!

#makethemostmusic #MakeMusicDay

Drum Line

Six Resources to Protect Your Hearing in Rehearsal 18 July, 2018

Wearing ear plugs is something few performing musicians do. We worry about communication and our effectiveness in playing, so we tend to forgo the plugs – but AFTER experiencing hearing loss is not the time to start worrying about protection. Here are some educational resources to help you protect one of your most valuable musical assets – your hearing!

New Year, New Look! 18 June, 2018

new-year-new-lookNotice anything different about us?

We’ve launched our newly redesigned website for musicians and educators to compare all music options, organize titles for personal and professional use, and share their passion for musical expression. The new website is designed to improve your search results and reduce research stress.

“We’ve been working on this website for three years now. The features we are most excited for are the advanced search bar and music-specific filters that offer you more opportunities to find sheet music that fits your educational or performance goals,” said David Ginter, technical manager.

Our search bar is optimized for music specific searches. You can search by instrument, voicing, keyword, full title, composer, artist, arranger, series, or catalog number. However, remember – less is more. If you want to be even more specific, click on our advanced search and type in as much information as you have.

CaptureIf you still have too many results after hitting enter, click on the photo to the left to reveal the filter! All you’ll have to do is chose the tab you want and it will grow to show you how every item is grouped. Say you searched the word “Star,” but you only want to see SAB music – the voicing tab will tell you how many SAB selections are in this search.

We are also introducing new Social Media and Reprise pages. These pages archive our social and email announcements to allow our non-social media users access to our news and product recommendation. You can check in with the Social Media page for a weekly snapshot of what’s happening at Stanton’s and easily follow us without ever logging in.

You can stop scrolling back months at time to find that email with that title you can’t remember the name of, but you know would be perfect! Visit our Reprise page and only look through our emails without any distractions.

“The website is a resource where music directors can easily see, listen, and learn new products that best fit their ensemble needs. What we’ve created is a large music library database. With that database we can help directors and musicians compare ideas, organize their selections, and share with their ensemble and the audiences they reach,” says President, Eric Strouse.

Music Major Graduation Gifts – Instrumentalists 08 May, 2017

The world of a musician or collegiate music major is often foreign and strange to those outside of the profession. Parents, family and friends are often at a loss as to what graduation gifts might be most useful to high school graduates who plan to major in music, or college graduates pursuing music as a profession. The members of our knowledgeable staff at Stanton’s have all been in their shoes, and we recommend these gifts (in a variety of price ranges) that WE could have used when we graduated!

For HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES becoming instrumental music majors:

ecs-4469-fThe A to Z of Foreign Musical Terms by Christine Ammer, $10.75
The more advanced a student becomes, the more often they will be using upper level music that is often published overseas. While standard music terms can be found in a traditional music dictionary, some instructions and descriptions will be written in the composers’ native languages. This resource lists the terms most commonly found in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Latin and Portuguese scores.

The Musician’s Practice Planner, $9.99
Students are often a little shocked when they find out that they will be spending much more time in the practice room than they did in high school (most collegiate teachers expect at least 3 hours/day), and staying organized is key. This easy-to-use 8 “x 11” spiral-bound book has two full pages devoted to each lesson. Designed to make lessons more enjoyable and efficient, it is used as an assignment book by teachers and as a practice log by students.

Trying to check items off your instrumental studio list? Stanton’s carries a full line of standard method books, etude books and solo repertoire! Visit or give us a call – we’re sure we can help you find what you need! Oh, and don’t forget – Music Majors get a 10% Discount off most methods, etude books, and solos!!!

51Ek7jNuxpL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Bach, Beethoven and the Boys: Music History As It Ought To Be Taught, $17.95
If It Ain’t Baroque…More Music History As It Ought To Be Taught, $15.95
Accidentals on Purpose: A Musician’s Dictionary, $15.95
Just for fun, we offer a wealth of musical humor writings by David W. Barber. The more educated the reader, the more fun they will have with Barber’s dry wit and knack for putting musicians in their place! Click here to see all of the author’s offerings.

For COLLEGE GRADUATES becoming First Year Band Directors:

Handy Manual Fingering Charts by Clarence Hendrickson, $8.99
You’re not alone – no one remembers all those fingerings for the bassoon they learned in a methods class three years ago! That’s probably why we’ve never met a band or orchestra teacher who didn’t own at least one of these convenient little reference guides. It includes fingering charts for all woodwind, brass and string instruments as well as drum rudiments, a transposition chart and ranges. A must-have!

alfred-286-fInstrument Repair for the Music Teacher by Burton Stanley, $22.95
This concise guide for the band director covers the basics of woodwind and brass maintenance and repair. Topics include: changing pads, springs and key regulation for woodwinds, and caring for piston valves, rotary valves, and basic soldering for brasses. Although Stanton’s recommends maintenance and major repair through your local instrument dealer or selected repair shop, this book addresses basic fixes and can get you (and your student) out of a jam.

The Music Teacher’s First Year by Elizabeth Peterson, $19.95
From a first-year teacher whose instruments were stolen before entering his building, to a teacher who received “hate mail” before her first day, to a teacher whose sensitivity, flexibility and insight gained her the respect of her ensemble in only weeks, this collection of true stories from first-year teachers is a delightful description of their real world. In addition, each chapter includes discussion questions for pre-service and young teachers as they prepare for their teaching future.

Teaching Music Through Performance in Band series, $39.50-$69.95
These books are the go-to resource for quality instrumental literature at all levels. The books are a wealth of information, and the accompanying CD sets have high quality recordings of each featured piece. While a worthwhile investment, they can be out of reach for those on a first-year teacher’s salary. Available titles include Teaching Music Through Performance in Band Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10, as well as Teaching Music Through Performance in Middle School Band, and Beginning Band Vol. 1 and 2. Books and CD sets sold separately.

Help your graduate build their reference library with these other fantastic resources!
National Core Arts Standards by Wendy Barden, $12.95
Habits of a Successful Band Director by Scott Rush, $29.95
Habits of a Successful Middle School Band Director by Scott Rush, $29.95
Developing the Complete Band Program by Shelley Jagow, $39.95
Urban Music Education by Kate Fitzpatrick-Harnish, $19.95
Strategic Plans for a Successful Booster Club by David W. Vandewalker, $44.95
Boosters to the Rescue! Handbook for Educators by David W. Vandewalker, $44.95

Visit our Marching Band and Concert Band pages for complete music resources, programming ideas, and more! Also, be sure to give your graduate Stanton’s phone number: 1-800-42-MUSIC, ext. 2! Our staff is a great resource with music knowledge and teaching experience, and full of ideas!