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2013 Greatest Pop & Movie Hits Tuesday, September 17, 2013

This Alfred’s Deluxe Annual Edition has the best pop and movie hits from 2013 so far. Two pieces from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey are included: “Misty Mountains” and “A Very Respectable Hobbit.” The film was released December 14, 2012, and went on to win 5 awards in 2013. The suite for Downton Abbey – one of the most watched TV shows in the world – is in this collection. “Locked Out of Heaven” and “When I Was Your Man” are two of the best songs by Bruno Mars.

This is primarily a singer’s collection.  Sometimes the melody is in the right hand of the piano part, sometimes not.  All in all, there are twenty-two songs from eighteen artists.  If you enjoy the current hits, this is a great collection for your library.

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