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Trap Style Drumming Tuesday, September 11, 2018

00281632-wlTrap Style Drumming for the Acoustic and Hybrid Drum Set is the first ever instructional book on how to play Trap style beats. This book is a must-have for drummers looking for an introduction into the world of Trap style drum beats and for those drummers who would like to explore new rhythms and technically challenging ways of playing the drum set.

“Trap Style Drumming for the Acoustic and Hybrid Drum Set” provides a plethora of exercises and acoustic and hybrid sound applications that will guide you towards achieving the right feel, vibe, and sound of these deceptively complex Trap rhythms. The culmination of four years of research, trial and error, and experimentation into the most concise and comprehensive learning tool for Trap style drumming currently available, you will learn how to sound just like an 808 drum machine on an acoustic and hybrid drum set!

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