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NEW from Randall Standridge Thursday, December 05, 2019

alarm randall standridgerecommended by Ken T., Band Education Specialist

Alarm by Randall Standridge, Grade 1.5
Sound the alarms! This bombastic work will make an exciting addition to your next concert and keep your students motivated from rehearsal to rehearsal. Searing dissonances, tri-tones, and syncopated rhythms have been utilized carefully to create a challenging, yet achievable piece with active parts for all players. Sure to be a hit with musicians and audiences alike.

legacy overture randall standridgeLegacy Overture by Randall Standridge, Grade 3
This overture was written in memory of Dr. John Wacker, former Director of Bands at Western State University in Gunnison, Colorado, who tragically lost his life in a car accident on his way to playing a gig on his trumpet in 2014. Many aspects of Dr. Wacker’s personality are reflected in “Legacy Overture,” including his incredible heart, knowledge, sense of humor, and empathy. Written in a “classic” ABA overture form, the B middle section features a gorgeous trumpet solo. Your students will love preparing and performing this engaging band work!

march of the arachnids randall standridgeMarch of the Arachnids by Randall Standridge, Grade 2.5
“March of the Arachnids” is the second movement in the composer’s “Garden Suite,” following “Frogs” from 2018. “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Shoo Fly” serve as its primary melodic material, though given a minor mode and 6/8 twist. Composer Standridge shows off his chops brilliantly by combining the two melodies for a rousing ending. This strikingly original march is perfect for any performance venue and is a fantastic way to teach your students how to play in fast 6/8.

Thrash by Randall Standridge, Grade 3.5-4
This unique and highly aggressive work was inspired by the heavy metal bands of the 1980s. Capturing the driving rhythms, dissonant harmonies, and savage sense of musical motion, this “heavy metal overture” relies on percussion and orchestrated power chords. Wow!

when summer's in the meadow randall standridgeWhen Summer’s in the Meadow arr. Randall Standridge, Grade 1.5
With its title originating in one of the most poignant, nostalgic lines of text in the Irish folk song “Danny Boy.” Standridge has created a dreamily beautiful setting of this beloved song, accessible to young bands. A number of scoring elements elevate this approachable work to a higher musical plane, including a unison clarinet section, well-placed chromatic passing tones, and dramatic counter-melodies. Bands at all levels will want to program this gorgeous arrangement, as the opportunities for expressive music making are nearly endless!

where words end randall standridgeWhere Words End by Randall Standridge, Grade 2
Sometimes, music is not “about” anything. It exists solely for the beautiful sounds it creates and the emotions derived from that aesthetic experience. “Where Words End…” falls firmly into this category of music. This expressive piece makes creative use of the ranges and colors available for young bands to create a truly remarkable new work for students and directors alike. “Where words end, music begins…”

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About the Author:
A former band director, Ken taught grade 5-12 band and music appreciation in both public and parochial schools in central Ohio. His iPod ranges from jazz to classic and alternative rock, symphonies, and classic songs from Sesame Street and Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. His interests include comic books, traditional amusement parks, the Muppets, football and hockey (especially the Steelers and Penguins), and all things Pittsburgh.

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