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Women at the Piano Thursday, January 16, 2020

PL1059Women at the Piano: Solo Works by Female Composers of the Nineteenth Century arr. Nicholas Hopkins
“Women at the Piano” sheds light on the unheard music and untold story of female composers of the nineteenth century, offering not only pristine editions of neglected and forgotten musical works, but also insights into the historical context and the prejudicial environments in spite of which these remarkable pieces emerged. With selections from Clara Wieck-Schumann, Maria Wolowska-Szymanowska, Helene Riese-Liebmann, Fanny Mendelssohn-Hensel and many others, this edition is a worthy entry into the concert pianist’s canonical library.

Women composers were not encouraged by the 19th century world. Women’s reason for engaging in music was to enhance their chances of marrying well, since performing music displayed a young lady’s culture and refinement. These women were breaking the mold, composing serious works, such as Clara Wieck-Schumann’s Prelude and Fugue #3 Opus 16, or Sophie Menter’s Romance Opus 5.

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