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NEW String Orchestra Selections featured on the OSU String Teacher Workshop Tuesday, July 02, 2024

Don’t miss these favorite selections featured on the Stanton’s Reading Session at the 2024 String Teacher Workshop at Ohio State University. The workshop runs from Sunday July 7-Saturday July 13 and is available in TWO formats: IN-PERSON or ONLINE ONLY. Find out more at

The Golden Gateway by Brian Balmages, Grade 3.5
Celebrate music and its ability to connect with communities around us! This joyful work by Brian Balmages is a powerful reminder of the many ways music inspires and invigorates. Beginning with a beautiful, heartfelt introduction, “The Golden Gateway” soon takes off in exuberant twists and turns before coming to a heroic conclusion.

Shiver by Randall Standridge, Grade 0.5
Whether you are shivering from cold or shivering from fright this work for very beginning orchestras is sure to set the mood of your next Winter or Fall Concert. Using only 6 notes Randall Standridge has creatively designed a piece that reaches students at their skill level while letting them experiment with the fun technique of tremolo!

The Flow of the Tide by Yukiko Nishimura, Grade 3
“The Flow of the Tide” by Yukiko Nishimura captures the feel of a flowing tide, mainly represented through the melodic line. Layers of harmony give the feeling of the tide’s ebb and flow, the splashing spray, and the sea’s changing colors. In addition to the feel of the waves, there is also a contrasting brightness and tenderness. Your orchestra will fall in love with the many moods of this stunning work.

(De)composition by Caryn Wiegand Neidhold, Grade 2
The music is falling apart! Or is it? This creepy-crawly composition starts deep underground in the cello and bass sections with an ominous theme, soon joined by the creaking, scratching, and screeching of unearthly noises from the rest of the zombie orchestra. Skittering fingertips, scratchy ponticello, and eerie glissandi are just a few of the fun extended techniques players will encounter in this scary venture into the dissonance of music – decomposingg!

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