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Music Major Graduation Gifts – Pianists Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The world of a musician or collegiate music major is often foreign and strange to those outside of the profession.  Parents, family and friends are often at a loss as to what graduation gifts might be most useful to high school graduates who plan to major in music, or college graduates pursuing music as a profession.   The members of our knowledgeable staff at Stanton’s have all been in their shoes, and we recommend these gifts (in a variety of price ranges) we could have used when we graduated!


The Ultimate Piano Collection Series from G. Schirmer, $29.99-$37.50
Build your graduate’s repertoire library with these cost-saving collections! Available in Bach, Chopin, and Debussy editions, each comb-bound volume from the prestigious G. Schirmer Library of Musical Classics contains virtually every piece of piano music by these master composers.

The Musician’s Practice Planner, $9.99
Students are often a little shocked when they find out that they will be spending much more time in the practice room than they did in high school (most collegiate teachers expect at least 3 hours/day), and staying organized is key. This easy-to-use 8 “x 11” spiral-bound book has two full pages devoted to each lesson. Designed to make lessons more enjoyable and efficient, it is used as an assignment book by teachers and as a practice log by students.

Trying to check items off your piano studio list? Stanton’s carries a full line of standard method books, etude books and solo repertoire! Visit or give us a call – we’re sure we can help you find what you need! Oh, and don’t forget – Music Majors get a 10% Discount off most methods, etude books, and solos!!!

Leather Briefcase with G Clef Embroidery, $79.95
Perfect for toting music to-and-from gigs and rehearsals, this quality leather briefcase is 16” x 12”, and is easy to carry with both handles and the included shoulder strap.

The A to Z of Foreign Musical Terms by Christine Ammer, $10.75
The more advanced a student becomes, the more often they will be using upper level music that is often published overseas. While standard music terms can be found in a traditional music dictionary, some instructions and descriptions will be written in the composers’ native languages. This resource lists the terms most commonly found in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Latin and Portuguese scores.

Harvard Dictionary of Music, $54.50
We know, we know, there’s an app for that. Sometimes, though, you can’t beat an old fashioned reference book. This is the standard against which all other music dictionaries are measured, and every professional has one on their shelves.

Bach, Beethoven and the Boys: Music History As It Ought To Be Taught, $17.95
If It Ain’t Baroque…More Music History As It Ought To Be Taught, $15.95
Accidentals on Purpose: A Musician’s Dictionary, $15.95
Just for fun, we offer a wealth of musical humor writings by David W. Barber. The more educated the reader, the more fun they will have with Barber’s dry wit and knack for putting musicians in their place! Click here to see all of the author’s offerings.

Don’t forget to give your graduate Stanton’s phone number: 1-800-42-MUSIC! Our staff is a great resource with music knowledge and teaching experience, and full of ideas!

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