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World Music for Orchestra Friday, November 03, 2017

recommended by Dan C., Orchestra Music Specialist

Thinking multicultural for your next string orchestra concert? Consider these top-notch selections! A variety of countries and a span of grade levels are represented in these wonderful world music selections for string orchestra. There are bound to be some that will fit your programming needs and your students’ abilities. These are all pieces that fit the string medium extremely well, and will give your students a taste of music that may not be heard often in this country. That, along with the inclusion of all kinds of musical techniques make them win-win as teaching pieces, plus they make unique concert and festival literature.

grandm-gmmor175-fBrave Spirit by Randall Standridge, Grade 3
Inspired by Adeline Yen Mah’s autobiography “Chinese Cinderella,” this spirited and unique string work incorporates a pentatonic scale to help paint a picture of a young Chinese woman who struggles finding acceptance in a primarily patriarchal society. With your concert master as the protagonist and principal cello as her grandfather, a conversation ensues that evolves into a joyful dance, then the reflection of inner peace that the author strived for. With its powerful story, your students and audience will surely be enthralled.

Hakenbogen Schottisch by Bud Woodruff, Grade 2
Hakenbogen means “hooked bow” and a Schottische is a country dance for partners that probably originated in Bohemia, so there is all kinds of teaching potential with this one. There are two key changes to maneuver and the need to keep the accompaniment pizzicato dynamically under the string bass melody when they actually get it. (Woo-woo basses!) This winner will get toes a-tapping!

master-50250117-fGreen Cello Jig by Lynne Latham & Clarence Barber, Grade 2
Written by well known string pedagogue Lynne Latham with some help from her friend, Clarence Barber, “Green Cello Jig” is in memory of Anne Sellitti, a cellist who played her green carbon-fiber cello all around North Carolina, much to the delight of youngsters and oldsters. In a happy 6/8, it is a first-rate lesson in the rhythms within that time signature as well as hooked bowing. The quirky, chromatic melody is generously shared, but is often in the cellos. It will certainly tickle the ears of your audience with its Celtic twist.

El Condor Pasa arr. Janelle Zook Cunalata, Grade 2.5
Diversify your concert program with this captivating arrangement based on the 1913 Peruvian melody and inspired by traditional Andean mountain music. This arrangement will interest your students as it contains great expressiveness, gorgeous harmonies, a smooth and rustic contrast in the accompaniment, the quotation of the famous “Dies Irae” Gregorian chant, optional solo parts for violin and cello, and a dramatic ending.

wj-3035691-fFinnish Folk Song Suite arr. Francis Caravella, Grade 2
The three songs of the “Finnish Folk Song Suite” were chosen for their common connection to nature. Everyone gets a chance at the melody in this collection of minor key folk songs that are reminiscent of Bartok’s “Romanian Folk Dances,” but much easier to play!

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About the Author:
Dan C. has worked at Stanton’s since 1979, primarily with orchestra music and print promotions. A “working” musician, he’s a classical cellist, a rock & jazz bassist and a folk & country guitarist/singer. His free time is spent with family or reading, gardening, cycling and working puzzles. His series of musical puzzles (RP3 Rebus Puzzle Picture People) can be found on the Stanton’s Facebook page each Sunday. He also has a reputation as a pretty good joke teller. Seriously.

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