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To a New Journey: Concert Openers for Band Friday, December 20, 2019

incendio salvador alan jacoborecommended by Ken T., Band Education Specialist

Incendio by Salvador Alan Jacobo, Grade 4.5
“Incendio”’s literal translation is “fire”, making this title all the more appropriate for Salvador Alan Jacobo’s fiery composition for concert band. The music immediately ignites from the beginning and never ceases to lose its abundant energy. Instead, it merely transforms and evolves over the course of this adventurous musical episode, conjuring up imagery of video-game combat and similar heroic feats. Jacobo’s “Incendio” is a musical inferno that sparks the inspiration and determination to take on brand new challenges and embark on blazing new adventures.

barn-012-4722-00-fRise (A Gay Games Anthem) by Rossano Galante, Grade 4
“Rise: A Gay Games Anthem” was commissioned by the Federation of Gay Games to accompany the raising of the official flag. This composition is heroic, uplifting, evocative of achievement, reverent, and welcoming. The work has global appeal, referencing the spirit embodied by the organization’s three guiding principles: Participation, Inclusion, and Personal Best.

to a new journey naoya wadaTo a New Journey by Naoya Wada, Grade 3
“To A New Journey” from the pen of noted Japanese composer Naoya Wada is a bright showcase for concert band. This upbeat concert work is characterized by the composer’s creative use of soaring melodies and exciting rhythms, with interesting and engaging parts for all musicians. A great choice as a concert opener, closer, or contest piece. Truly impressive!

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About the Author:
A former band director, Ken taught grade 5-12 band and music appreciation in both public and parochial schools in central Ohio. His iPod ranges from jazz to classic and alternative rock, symphonies, and classic songs from Sesame Street and Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. His interests include comic books, traditional amusement parks, the Muppets, football and hockey (especially the Steelers and Penguins), and all things Pittsburgh.

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